April 14, 2022

Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat – 99Gamers breaking the “CYCLE”.

Udupi Cycling Club: The street is your gym, and nature is your best friend!

Udupi houses a variety of paths – the busy streets bejeweled by flea markets, the shorelines gently brushing the sea, gigantic four lanes connecting borders… but there’s always that one Road not Taken (pun intended) as often as it should be – the road to good health. 

When the opportunity presented itself in the form of the World Health Day Cyclothon, 99Gamers were quick to put the pedal to the metal. The Cyclothon was organized by Udupi Cycling Club, in association with Indian Medical Association and sponsored by Tanishq. There were 130+ cyclists geared up to raise awareness about World Health Day under this year’s slogan ‘Our Planet Our Health’.

Udupi Cycling Club

Source: Udupi Cycling Club

Udupi Cycling Club has nurtured a camaraderie and community of over 230+ cyclists and 50 active riders in and around Udupi. The club has welcomed enthusiasts of all age groups from 15 to 75 year-olds. They lay out itineraries for different kinds of rides ranging from 30km to 50km, while also hitting a century once in a month. But it’s not all about the miles, is it? The peloton sometimes hits smooth and flat roads for their daily dose of cycling and when they’re feeling daredevil-ly, they ride uphill at greater elevations. The most common time frame for the rides are brisk mornings at 6 AM, and early wee hours of 4 AM. Sometimes logic takes a toss and adrenaline takes over when the cyclists set out on adventurous night rides as well. Regardless of the time, location and distance, the peloton is always led by a professional from the club who ensures safety precautions like helmet, rear and front lights, water bottles, comfortable clothing etc. All you must worry about is the perfect landscapes, awesome company and having fun!

If you’re a beginner who’d like to explore your cycling skills and find an enjoyable way to stay fit, you’ll find your frat with the youth/college students of the club. If you’re a pro rider who likes to challenge yourself, the club members will give you a run for your money. If you’re a working mom without the luxury of flexible timings, join the weekend lady’s clan. There’s a fit for everyone!

Cycling Clubs for health and peace

Source: Udupi Cycling Club

The club has caused quite the stir by organizing long trips to places as far as Panaji, Coorg, and Kundadri, to shorter picnic rides like Hoode, Manipal, and Malpe. The club members pedal their hearts out, have a gala time and rejuvenate from the hustles of everyday life, all the while burning calories and reducing carbon footprints. Because balance is key in both cycling and work life, right? 

In this day and age where life passes by you without as much as a second glance, Udupi Cycling Club has turned into a haven for many to meet like-minded people and create memories you cherish forever. The club is also notorious for supporting social causes – their recent crusades include ‘global antibiotic awareness week’, ‘World Environment Day', and now the latest ‘World Health Day’ via cyclothons, duathlons, marathons, etc.

Cycling Club of Udupi

Our Technical Architect, Shanmukhraja Muroor, is a steadfast frequenter of the Udupi Cycling Club and his cycling conquests are a conversation starter across departments in the 99Games office. To support the World Health Day awareness, a bunch of us 99Gamers tagged along with him to see what the hype was about, and boy were we surprised!  

The days leading up to the cyclothon were all excitement and high-fives, but the morning of the ride is when the jitters set in. We all had to shake off the idea that Sundays are for sleeping in and drag ourselves off the bed at 4 AM. The thrill of getting back on the cycle and reliving our childhood days was short-lived when we realized we were slightly off-balance from not cycling for years. Nevertheless, we picked up the pace and encouraged each other to try again and we were back on our foot (or on the pedal) sooner than we anticipated. 

Udupi Cycling Club

While riding the cycle, everything on the sidewalk seemed to slow down (contrary to when you’re driving an automobile) and our minds started to declutter. As we pedaled on the quiet and serene suburbs of Udupi, we started to zone out and indulge in the simpler pleasures – fresh clean air, feeling the subtle sun rays from the dawn, and the wind in our hair. After a good 30 minutes of reconnecting with nature and collecting our thoughts, most of our stomachs gurgled. 

The Cycling Club had graciously arranged refreshments and snacks at pitstops throughout the stretch of the 10km ride. The thing about cycling is that you work up an appetite by making your bodywork, and the refreshments are so much more satisfying. We made some new friends along the way, witnessed the sunrise over the horizon, enjoyed the chirping of birds, got annoyed by the barking of dogs, some of us may or may not have sprained our calves, but all in all – it was a heck of an eventful day right in the midst of the town we love to call home. 

Cycling for good health and peace of mind

As we rode, we were only more pumped to continue and raise awareness of the importance of health and the significance of World Health Day. 

Are we – techies who work in offices round the clock and love to play games on our bean bags –­ the best representatives of health awareness? Maybe not. Are we going to let that get in the way of bettering ourselves and contributing to society? Absolutely not. So, with the end of this blog, we vouch for many more marathons and advocate to LIVE the quality of life we can write about.