June 8, 2022

Metro to Retro: 99Games paves your way back home!

Home is where the heart is for this 99Gamer

Village Life in basrur, Kundapura

Hi, I am Prasad, I would love to share my experience of being a 99Gamer. I live far from Udupi city, 40km away in a small village called Basrur. You might have heard about this village from a famous Musician Ravi Basrur. I was born in Udupi, my mother’s home city & brought up in Basrur which is my dad’s village and completed college in Kundapura, a small city next to my village. 

Going back to Bangalore Days (pun intended) during my undergrad years, it was a sudden shift from a slow to a very fast lifestyle and fast food. It felt like no one has time for each other. Adjusting to this fast lifestyle was very hard but as time went on, I just went with the flow. I graduated from Visveswaraya College back in 2011 and finally said tata bye-bye to Bangalore & moved to Mangalore to start my Career.

Traffic in Bangalore

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Mangalore is a non-metro city that has a medium-paced lifestyle and gives a feel of my home city. The food & weather were the same as in my village since the city belongs to the same coastal belt. Back in those days, I was working in tech support with rotational shifts, which affected my health very badly. I used to travel almost every alternate weekend to home since it was a very short journey of 3 hours – not like Bangalore which was 9 hours.

After five long years in Tech Support jobs, I got an offer from a company to level my career in HR due to a correspondence MBA degree that I juggled between jobs, but the location was Bangalore. So with a heavy heart, I packed my luggage & moved back to the fast-paced, slow traffic lifestyle. I was running between IT Parks, conducting interviews, and meeting 20-30 new people every day which helped me reach 7,000 LinkedIn connections now.

Tech Park in Bangalore

The year was 2020 – March 21 is my Birthday, and I always travel back to my village and celebrate my birthday with my family. That’s when covid hit India, and the world was locked down with coronavirus. Luckily, I got locked at home rather than ending up in my Bangalore PG.

WFH began, I got to spend quality time with my family, eating tasty home-cooked meals, hanging out with my old buddies, I even started playing a lot of online games, and watching web series. Slowly I got more comfortable with my lifestyle and felt more peaceful and I started searching for jobs in my home city and got an offer to be a Business Development Manager in Udupi city. I used to travel 5 working days and on weekends I used to relax with my family & friends, and never missed any family function which was a usual complaint from my relatives.

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Meanwhile, I got married and started a new journey with my partner by my side. My partner is a professional Graphic Designer, and I have learned a lot of new things from her, she upgraded me as a person to the next version of myself. Say hi to Prasad 2.0 everyone! :p

I had my fair share of ups and downs in my career. And finallyyyyyy, I got an offer to be a 99Gamer. I was a gamer from my school days, it was a dream come true for me. To add on to that, the office is located in my home city. I have now completed almost half a year with 99Games and I've been enjoying the work culture, feels like I have got a superpower & got upgraded to the next version of me while working for 99Games. Oh, wait, that’s Prasad 3.0 everyone! 

No, don’t think my story was all work and no play! There is no ‘fun at work’ concept in 99Games because working at 99Games is always fun.

Being a 99Gamer has changed my lifestyle completely. Now, I am a pro at balancing my professional and personal life. I even save up to 50% of my salary which seemed like a ‘Mission Impossible’ task back in the big city. Now I don’t snooze my alarm, except maybe on the weekends. I don't have to listen to cars honking in the morning, I hear only birds chirping. I get a very sound sleep like a baby. On weekends, I wake up to my dad doing Pooja. I start my day with basic Yoga in open green nature and water therapy. Basically, life is good.

99Games does not have a strict formal dress code so I get ready faster than before. My office is located 40km away from my home, and even then it takes me just 40 minutes to reach the office since the traffic is not bad. Usually, I carry a lunch box, homemade food made with love. And even if I miss to take food, there are plenty of restaurants around the office who offer healthy & hygienic food with the same taste like home food and I also am lucky enough to have colleagues that share their homemade food with love.

Udupi Mangalore Transport

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99Games also allows employees to work in a flexible mode so I follow a hybrid model of 3 days WFH and 2 Days WFO. Once we log in at the office, time flies so fast that you won’t even know it's time to log out. Colleagues are really supportive and funny. We kill our free time by playing and challenging colleagues over the PlayStation, Nintendo switch, foosball etc. We have a Thursday team-building activity which is a good physical & mental workout.

Team outings & parties are very often at 99Games since we work hard and party harder. My parents & wife don’t call me regularly since they know I am in a safe place and I reach home on time. Now, I don’t differentiate between weekdays & weekends like before, since 99Games has changed my lifestyle.


Prasad Kumar

Prasad Kumar, Senior HR Executive