March 28, 2022

Ladies of 99Games take themselves out for a Self-Pamper Sesh!

Making Sweet Memories to celebrate Women’s History Month

We all need to let our hair down and step out every once in a while, for, behind every successful woman, there is a relaxed and well-rested version of herself. 

It was a sweet Thursday evening when we were all gearing up for the weekend, not really in the mood for any more emails! Inconsiderate of our feelings, the mailbox lit up anyway, and to our surprise, it turned our frown upside down – it was nature beckoning all the gurrliess of 99Games to spend a day nestled away in the bosom of a lush green stretch of land by the banks of river Swarna locked in the deeper woods of Kundapura – retreat called Tinton Resort, a hidden gem indeed.

Along came Friday morning and we all bid adieu to the boys getting into the office begrudgingly… okay, we’re kidding! Our male counterparts are the most supportive bunch, and they were delighted for our little adventure. Nestled at 40 km from our workspace in Udupi, the drive was a kind one with the March sun shining brightly, the breeze touching our cheeks gently, and our hearts racing slightly. 

We were welcomed by the pleasant staff of Tinton Resort who’d arranged refreshments and a lip-smacking breakfast buffet, which we savored pretty quickly while taking in acres and acres of resort property – basketball court, playground, swimming pool, garden, waterslides, and a lot more. 

We snapped some mandatory pictures – while some of us dared to walk on a tight-rope, some took it upon themselves to walk down a makeshift fashion runway channeling our inner Priyanka Chopra, and a few others let their athletic side shine in the sports arena – a testimony to various personalities the female kind bears. Pretty quickly, we all took to the swimming pool pushing and did something we have never done in each other’s company – do nothing! Yes, as ordinary as it sounds, it was a special moment in itself to sip a martini and look into the distance and just relax with the same bunch of people with who you’re busting your chops off usually. 

Next, we remember our stomachs gurgling from exhaustion and exposure to too much sun. Lo and behold, the Tinton Resort staff was right there with a wide assortment of eateries for our luncheon – followed by a rather long and difficult discussion of which ice cream flavor to pick. 

It was now time for the best part – the water slides. All of us had to take a moment to remind ourselves that we’d all glided down those monstrous yet fun slides when we were much younger and vulnerable, yet as adults, it was unnerving, to say the least. The ladies from the finance team took a calculated risk (pun intended) and went first. The rest of us were awe-struck by how the pendulum-shaped slide threw them from one end to the other toying them around like they were light as feathers. The marketing team then made up the courage to go next followed by the rest of the lady gamers. 

There was no stopping us now – one day, we were all sending passive-aggressive mails to each other about deadlines, reports, and zoom schedules. Whereas the day after, here we were, splashing water, riding slides, and soaking up the sun hand-in-hand. After all, isn’t that what life is all about? A perfect balance of dedication for work and enjoyment after work? A blend of passion for work and compassion for workmates? An amalgamation of work, live, and play?