October 21, 2022

99Games unlocks its next level – Old Roots, New Beginnings

A vision… An idea… A dream… come true in the heart of Namma Udupi

Our move from the Robosoft Campus after its acquisition earlier this year felt like an opportunity for 99Games to move out of its nest and spread its own colourful wings. The campus in Santhekatte was our haven for almost a decade. It was comfortable, it was easy! However, they say awesomeness begins at the end of your comfort zone and that exactly was our next move – make awesome. We decided to set up the tent in the heart of Udupi. After 7 months of building, unbuilding, and rebuilding, our new office is now standing tall and proud in Mahalaxmi Towers near Old Taluk Office Circle. 

This passion project has been our baby – yes, literally keeping us up during nights, making us run around during the day, but making us do it all with a smile on our faces regardless. Let’s go on a tour of the new office while walking you through our vision if you will?

Inspiration – Star Chef!

99Games’ favorite child is Star Chef – a restaurant mobile game that won millions of hearts and cashed out millions of dollar bills. 😉 The game was all about a virtual escape, a simulation that one can build straight from their imagination – classy, rustic, modern or retro. So, we thought if we can do it virtually, why not in reality? The new workspace is like a simulation that you will love to live in – because once a gamer, always a gamer. With that thought, and using a cosy café as an inspiration, we got the ball rolling, and everything pretty much fell into place. 

Concept – Continental Platter, Desi Tadka

The interiors were the most brain-racking part of it all. The intent was to have a continental platter, with the twist of desi tadka. We got a state-of-the-art pantry with a statement-making piece of art on the wall, we stationed a cool gaming zone with chairs that are oh-so-comfortable, we set up meeting pods that will really rile up brainstorming sessions, and a lot more. However, we kept a little bit of Udupi in all of it. The thought is to showcase that our goals and aspirations are global, while our heart is purely local from Namma Udupi

The interiors also make space for flexible work culture. Work from home has us wrapped around its finger for its sheer flexibility of it. Liked working sprawled on a couch at your home? Well, we got the fluffiest couch for you. Like attending zoom meetings swinging on your garden swing? Well, we did you one better and installed a sofa swing – swing all you want. How about those quick bites that mom would prepare while you’re preparing the last few slides of the presentation? We cannot replace mom’s cooking but there are worktables stationed so you can eat and work simultaneously – whatever floats your boat.

Location: The best of both worlds

Choosing the right location was very integral to making our vision come true. And the comfort of 99Gamers – especially the ones who locate to Udupi from different parts of India – was our top priority. A fitness/sport freak? There’s a whole sports stadium/gym right down the street – our very own Ajjarkad Stadium. Love to cook in your free time? Reliance mart is probably a few feet away from the office. Love yourself some nature-time on weekends? Malpe, St. Mary’s, Delta Point, Hanging Bridge, Manipal Lake… the list goes on. Last but not least - you got our Udupi Sri Krishna watching over you from just a kilometer away.

Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!

We’re officially cutting the ribbon with a launch party for the employees and their families on 21st October 2022. There’s singing, dancing, comedying, snacking, socializing, you name it! Stay tuned for updates on our first big bash in 2 years (thanks to covid).

Additionally, we do intend to support and host meetups with start-ups in and around Udupi with the help of our very wealthy neighbour Ventana Ventures – India’s first Gaming specific seed fund from a Tier-3 town. To keep the playfulness of a gaming studio alive, we also intend to arrange gaming sessions for students in the gaming zone. We could all use some child-like enthusiasm occasionally. 

That’s a wrap on the tour. All said and done, it boils down to one vision - we’re really looking forward to making a difference and give back in small ways to our motherland that has nurtured us to where we are today. Our hearts are full on this day, and we cannot wait to share our special moment with the rest of Karavali. 

Our dream office is located at the first floor of Mahalaxmi Towers, Court Road, Udupi - 576101. If you want to join the team at 99Games and know more about the opportunities in the gaming world, click here.