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Tasty Puzzles with a
Cooking Twist!

Get ready for a fun-filled adventure with chef extraordinaries! Rustle, hustle, pick up your ladle! Travel the world with Bob and meet many more quirky chefs whose only goal is to BE FANTASTIC!

MATCH, COOK and COLLECT! That’s the secret to becoming a Fantastic Chef. Match delicious ingredients, cook ‘em in the food mixer, and collect your stars! Make your way through obstacles, dripping oil, and an obnoxious rat. Earn Chef Badges to prove your effort of whipping up WORLDLY DISHES!

Cooking is paired best with ADVENTURE! Travel the globe awakening a cursed Mummy and greeting a Viking Warrior. Visit the sandy shores of Tropical Paradise and evergreen beauty of the Charming Countryside, cooking tasty treats all the way along!

Get ready, Chefs! Grab your Chef Hat and travel map, an adventure filled with fantastic fun awaits you!

Thinking up a thought

Is there any place as chaotically creative as a hustling and bustling kitchen? Well, there were no shortage of ideas when we were planning our next big title following Star Chef – not an easy one to follow. “Let’s do something Space Age”. “No, that wouldn’t work. Something about pajamas?” Wacky ideas were aplenty. After thinking up ideas from bowls, vases, bubble-gum and some weird thoughts in-between, we decided to give our belief that anyone can cook a semblance of truth.

Call it ambitious or ambiguity – all we had at the beginning of this game was budding sarcasm, some hot lemon tea, excitability like children and above all else, fine-tuned direction of motive.


The idea for Fantastic Chefs stemmed from our position as the creator of one of the best and most loved food game across the globe. We had one thought planted deep in our minds – “Anyone can cook”. This was an exoskeleton and magic that inspired us to create something fantastic!

Our direction was clear – create something aesthetically pleasing, where fun was second-nature, and cooking, baking and all the other cookery –ing’s could quirkily be enjoyed by all. This is when things began stringing together clearly held by the connective thread of a brewing idea.

“Let’s make a puzzle adventure with a cooking twist.”, echoed a soft voice. And that was our Apple on head moment. All that was missing now was narrative, characters and game design. But now we knew the kind of story the game would essentially be.

Story + Art = Fantastic

There’s a whole genre of cooking and match-3 games – so what is it that would make our game stand up and stand out? A compelling storyline. Exciting, diverse and relatable characters. Awesome line-matching fun.

Depth in storyline and detail to nuance was crucial in bringing all our quirky chefs to life. We had to create genuine characters that showed every person, past or present, loves cooking. Cooking is a trigger to unleash the fantastic in you – and each character holds traits people can identify and relate to. This gave rise to 22 quirky chefs, all whimsical in their own ways and human through a way of evolution. The more they cook, the more they learn, enabling an evolution of growth.

This game is a unique take on cooking. There’s world travel, unique puzzles, daily challenges and a whole lot more in the hopes of creating a hallmark game for people all over the world to love and play. While it may look easy, it sure is challenging.

Enjoy our latest Fantastic Chefs: Match ‘n Cook and immerse yourself in fantastic fun!