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At New Udupi, you can live life to the fullest - surrounded by nature while enjoying the creature comforts of an urban life. Escape from the stress of the big city to a world where being productive doesn't take a toll on you. Isn't that a breath of fresh air?
Everything is 10 minutes away
New Udupi's congestion-free roads (you can count the number of traffic signals in the city on your finger tips) mean that you get to places faster and more importantly, happier. There's a lot to see & experience in the city too - entertainment, shopping and more. And with plenty of quick weekend getaways you may no longer miss the big city life.

From fine dining to shaking a leg,
we have it all

A beautiful blend of local & international
cuisine and lifestyle

While we have gifted the name ‘Udupi' as a generic name to many restaurants worldwide, we have brought the world cuisine to our home. Manipal and Udupi cater to diverse taste buds and wallets - fine dining restaurants, ‘chaat' stalls, sea food, coffee shop hangouts, we have them all. Given the blend of tradition and modern and the cosmopolitan nature of the city, there is cuisine to suit every taste and pocket.

If you like traditional Indian food there are plenty of options in Udupi - Woodlands, Mitra Samaj (don't miss it's most famous dish - Goli Baje, a South Canara delicacy) Kediyoor Gazebo and more. Manipal is home to 5-star hotels, new-age boutique hotels and upscale restaurants which have plenty of dining options. Feel like chilling with a mug of beer or a cocktail? Or is singing along to a current pop hit your thing? You'll find a hangout which best matches your taste and mood.
Must visit places in Udupi
Treat yourself with Udupi's authentic fish delicacy
Pubs & nightlife
Best medicine for peace of mind:
the best in all-round healthcare
Manipal got its world famous Kasturba Medical College in 1953 and soon felt the need for a teaching hospital that could provide clinical facilities to students. Thus, the Kasturba Hospital was established in 1961. Today with over 2000 beds and a host of specialist doctors across disciplines and state-of-the-art facilities, the city provides reassurance and peace of mind to millions when it comes to healthcare. Aside from hospitals, the city is home to many clinics and doctors of repute. So whether it is a common cold or any specialist treatment for your family, you are in safe hands here.
Our Centres of Excellence
  • Cardiology
  • Spine Surgery
  • Oncology
  • Neurology & Neurosurgery
  • Orthopaedics
  • Nephrology & Urology
  • Gynecology
  • Transplants
  • Rheumatology
  • Gift Health package
  • Emergency Care
  • Watson For Oncology
The original seat of education
Home to over 13 universities and excellent schooling, access some of the best education in India.
The temple of learning
from primary schools to higher education
‘Will my child get top quality education?' is a question that is always met with an affirmative when it comes to Udupi. The region is home to several educational institutes of repute. The barren stretch of land of the 1950s and '60s has now transformed into a bustling university town with 22 colleges, including engineering, medical, management and communication colleges. The town is home to over 20,000 students, from more than 50 countries, giving it a cosmopolitan sheen. Some students of colleges here have gone on to achieve success in the global stage including Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. Primary education too has its fair share of institutions with a focus on all-round development of children.
Centres of educational excellence
Marena Gym
St.Mary's School
A dream home within everyone's reach
Rentals for a 3-bedroom apartment start at ₹15000 per month
A home away from home is easy to set up @New Udupi
One of the joys of living in Udupi is affordable real estate rentals. Spacious two and three bedroom apartments are available for rent in several localities of Manipal and Udupi. Some areas may even offer independent houses for rent. So whether it is contemporary design or traditional architecture you will find several choices, which meet your requirements.

Several new apartment complexes offer amenities like 24-hour power, piped gas and gym. Broadband connections and 4G dongles are easy to get too - so you don't have to worry about streaming music or video. And if you ever need advice on localities, maids and commuting our HR team will be happy to help.
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From cultural festivals to shopping for the best brands, New Udupi has the best of both worlds. Surprise yourself!
Want to relocate to Udupi ?
Download our relocation guide which gives practical information to start life afresh in Udupi-information on home rents, hiring of maids, education, healthcare and more.

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