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A life of adventure @New Udupi

Are you just an armchair adventurer? Imagining those waves, hills and blue lagoons. The folks here @New Udupi spend most of their weekends trekking, island hopping, surfing, birdwatching and relaxing on the sand watching a beautiful sunset.
We do everyday what most people do only on a holiday.

Seek out your passion this weekend

Trekking through
the mighty western ghats
Kodachadri - an exhilarating
trek through the purple hills
Kodachadri is a natural heritage site that towers above the jungles. To get to the top one needs a four-wheel drive to climb through a boulder strewn path surrounded by the forest on one side and deep valleys on the other. If this isn't memorable enough, the 30-minute trek opens up at a peak where you'll find a temple, said to be the spot where the philosopher Adi Shankaracharya meditated. Both the trek and the view from up there are exhilarating.
Other trekking spots within 2 hrs from New Udupi
The Hidden falls of Koodlu Theerthra
The dense hills of Agumbe Ghat
Kayaking down
the backwaters
Kemmannu - good times between a
river and the sea
New Udupi is surrounded by backwaters of Kemmannu, interwinding with estuaries which makes it prime kayaking territory. The backwaters are also home to many islands (some of them uninhabited) best explored on a kayak. Aside from the thrill it provides, kayaking is great way to stay fit. On Sunday mornings it is a common sight to see kayakers heading up the river to seek new adventures.
The Surfing captial of India
Feel the high, surf the waves
Surfing does not just means surfing the web for us @New Udupi. The pristine beaches here run for miles, making it a surfers paradise. India's first surf club, Mantra, is located in Mulki, near Udupi. Founded by Jack Hebner (also known as the Surfing Swami) and Rick Perry in 2004, it hosted Jonty Rhodes, the famous South African cricketer and all-round sportsman, a few years ago. Learn to conquer the waves and feel the high.
An action packed weekend
with multiple things to do
Meet people with common interests - from cycling to photography, visit places you've never been to, do things you've never done beforeā€¦